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Advanced Testing

We know your vision is important to you, and it’s important to us. When you come for your appointment, our office provides complete eye care for both adults and children.

Our comprehensive eye and vision examinations will check your eyes inside and out for any potential eye disorders or diseases. We offer different levels of well-patient exam screenings to provide the level of service that is right for you. We are prepared to handle whatever your eye and vision needs might be and will treat you with the latest in diagnostic equipment. We are committed to providing the latest in eye care technology. We believe your eye care at our office should be “second to none”.

Basic exams consist of all the testing required by vision plans and are usually provided by other eye doctors.

Exam plus exams consists of the basic exam plus many other screenings designed to evaluate every aspect of your eye and vision. The Exam Plus examination includes the screening tests below:

  • OPTOMAP is a laser that takes a painless, quick, detailed image of virtually the entire retina. The peripheral retina can be examined in detail for tumors, detachments, and other problems that occur in that region, and images can be compared over time to uncover even the most subtle changes at the earliest possible time.
  • RETINAL (FUNDUS) PHOTOGRAPHY consists of digital high resolution images of the central retina (the inside of the back of the eye). Fundus photography is crucial is diagnosing and monitoring glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, macular degeneration and any other problem that affects the central retina.
  • OCULAR COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHY (OCT) is a cross sectional view of the macula or any other area of the retina. Layers of the retina can be scrutinized to uncover and manage diabetic damage and other retinal disease.
  • SCANNING LASER POLARIMETRY uses a laser to measure the thickness of the nerve fibers as they enter the eye from the optic nerve bundle. Thinning of these nerves are one of the first findings in early glaucoma.
  • ANTERIOR SEGMENT PHOTOGRAPHY captures digital high resolution images of the front (anterior) structures of the eye. Anterior segment photography is crucial is diagnosing and monitoring cataracts, corneal disease, dry eye and other anomalies of the front of the eye.
  • CORNEAL TOPOGRAPHY is a topographical mapping of the corneal surface. It is important for contact lens fittings, refractive surgery and corneal diseases such as keratoconus.
  • CORNEAL PACHYMETRY is a measure of corneal thickness and is important with glaucoma as well as some corneal diseases.
  • OPTICAL WAVEFRONT ABERROMETRY projects a laser image on the back of the eye and then evaluates the degradation (aberration) of that image as it passes through your eye’s optical system to assess the quality of your vision. Spectacle prescriptions incorporating this information make your night vision and overall vision clearer than you could achieve otherwise.
  • AUTOMATED VISUAL FIELDS tests your side vision in a quick and reproducible manner. Side vision loss can occur from stroke, glaucoma and a myriad of other eye diseases.
  • SPECULAR MICROSCOPY is an evaluation of the back layer of cells of the cornea, known as the corneal endothelium. These cells pump fluid from the cornea to keep your vision clear. Sometimes these don’t work properly and early diagnosis can minimize or prevent sight threatening consequences.

The Exam Plus includes screening tests listed above at an additional charge. If pathology is diagnosed, more extensive applications of the same tests are used to monitor eye disease and are usually covered by your medical insurance.

Other special testing available at Professional Eye Care includes:

  • ANTERIOR SEGMENT OCULAR COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHY uses a laser to see the tissues of the anterior portion of the eye in cross section.
  • B SCAN ULTRASONOGRAPHY uses sound waves to examine structures that cannot be seen in the back of the eye by any other method. It is especially useful for retinal detachments and retinal tumors.
  • ULTRASOUND BIOMICROSCOPY uses sound waves to view the anterior chamber angles in a way that is impossible by any other means. An important tool in the diagnosis and management of closed angle glaucoma.
  • TEARLAB TEAR OSMOLARITY TESTING is an objective measurement of tear film quality, and is a standard in diagnosis and management of dry eye syndrome.